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Woven Insights is an AI-powered analytics software, empowering fashion retailers, research teams, and manufacturers with accessible, actionable insights.

Our Team

We're a collective force of creativity, expertise, and passion. Our diverse team brings together a harmonious blend of talents that drives innovation in the fashion, technology, data, and E-commerce space. When we’re not writing code or creating the best fashion-tech solutions, you’ll find us playing video games or at fashion shows.

What we’re Like

  • Innovative

    We’re always developing new ways to solve problems. Our vision is to be the most important solutions provider in the e-commerce SaaS market.
  • Dedicated

    We’re Passionate about our work and delivering the best solutions to our clients
  • Fashionable

    Obviously! We love Fashion and this is why we want Fashion Businesses to get it right
  • Slightly Nerdy

    We’re a bit obsessed with technology and all the amazing things we can do with it. That is why we are all about leveraging cutting-edge technology to solve the most important problems.
  • Our Location

    We operate globally and are headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Leverage Insights That Actually Work

Say goodbye to guesswork with Woven Insights. You get all the needed information to make accurate and profitable decisions for your fashion business. Ready to take the next step?